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Wanting to reconnect with Jacksonville

In America 1. Locally in Northeast Florida, about veterans have been recorded as homeless in the past year. Our month on-site program has proven successful in helping veterans re our community.

Wanting To Reconnect With Jacksonville

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Charles Pendergrass said his daughter had cerebral palsy and walked slower. Charles Pendergrass said his relationship with his daughter became estranged when she was and Gabby was raised by his sister. In recent months, however, he said that they had started to reconnected and she was looking to live with him. But their plans were cut short around 9 p.

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And, how could you know? Where the conversations show up in force is when women visit their gynecologist. These problems have solutions. It simply begins with talking about it.

Here are the most common suggestions Drs. Wechter and Guha give to women who want to improve their sex lives. Certain hormonal birth control methods are known to cause vaginal dryness in some women, Dr. Guha said.

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Ask your gynecologist for an alternative. Also, some anti-depressants come with sexual side effects. Ask your doctor if yours is one of them.

When women are worried about getting pregnant or catching a sexually transmitted disease STDthey avoid sex. Talk with your partner. If herpes is an issue, partners should avoid sex during a flare-up since herpes can also be transmitted by skin-to-skin contact. Herpes is one STD that still carries a huge stigma. Wechter said. Then, it becomes a non-issue. When only one partner has herpes, they can take antiviral medications to keep the other partner from catching it.

Nothing kills the mood like painful sex. Pain is common among menopausal women because lower estrogen le to less vaginal lubrication and stretchiness. Topical estrogens—creams placed directly in the vagina—work fast, and often with dramatic effects.

A deep pain that feels like your partner is bumping into something could al a mass in the uterus or elsewhere. Fibroids, endometriosis and tumors are possible.

Check with your gynecologist. Libido is a worry that cuts across all generations. Libido—also known as sex drive—is often less than a woman wants it to be. Physical problems, emotional worries and stress are the most likely culprits.

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For women, libido depends on a sense of well-being, self-care and emotional intimacy. A woman needs to have rest and feel good in her own skin in order to see physical intimacy as an attractive option. Guha talks about a lot with younger patients. In a good relationship, both partners share the work and have a sense of mutual respect and love. A quality sex life is important to a healthy relationship. If you have questions about yours, visit 4her or call There are tons of products available, but which ones really help? Menopausal women are typically a bit shy.

Check your medications Certain hormonal birth control methods are known to cause vaginal dryness in some women, Dr. Treat painful intercourse Nothing kills the mood like painful sex. Low libido?

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